RIP Albert Finney (1936–2019)

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Albert Finney, the esteemed British actor and five-time Oscar nominee known for his shape-shifting work in Tom Jones, The Dresser, Murder on the Orient Express and Erin Brockovich, has died. He was 82.

Finney's family told the Associated Press on Friday that he "passed away peacefully after a short illness with those closest to him by his side." The actor was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2007. ... 82-1022693

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wow, didn't realize Skyfall was his last film

seems somehow fitting

always loved his presence on screen


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You want to see a real performance, watch Under the Volcano. Or The Dresser. The man was a titan. Glad he reunited with Lumet for Lumet's last film too.

The Poirot responsible for the creation of Jason Bourne, James Bond and Erin Brockovich. Good CV.

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:cry: :cry: :cry: He is god-tier in Big Fish. I already bawl my eyes out to that movie, now I may never be able to watch it again. Literally might die from crying too much if I do.

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Incredible actor... May he rest in piece.

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He shows up at the end of
Ocean's 12
I only recently rewatched it after so many years and recognized him.


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He was a fantastic actor. He had such screen presence. Going to miss him.

Rest in peace

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I have watched Two for the road to pay tribute to Finney after his death, and now I'm learning Stanley Donen just passed away... :cry: :cry: :cry:
Also Two for the road is a wonderful film. Thank you Donen, Finney and also Hepburn and Mancini for everything.

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