Last Film You Watched? VI

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The Goldfinch: Well, Deakins and Kidman are great as they always are... I think the biggest problem is the narrative, so much of it doesn't make sense.

Parasite: Top tier, I loved this. It's bizarre, gut-wrenching, hilarious and heartwarming. It's got it all and it's all perfectly balanced. Great directing, cinematography, acting you name it.

Knives Out: A whole lot of fun. A nice take on the whodunnit genre, both subverting and complementing it. Ana de Armas is this film and she's great. Craig's turn was very funny and Curtis and Colette just eat this up. Johnson's energetic style works perfectly for this.

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In the last week:

The Circus (1928) - 3.5/5
On Her Majesty's Secret Service - 4.5/5
Krampus (2015) - 3/5
North by Northwest - 5/5
Parasite - 4.5/5
The Knight Before Christmas - 2.5/5

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