Hans Zimmer's MAN OF STEEL Soundtrack

David Julyan, Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, and Ludwig Göransson
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Bacon wrote:So are we gonna get HZ music with Trailer 4?
Hope not.

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I recently watched the Richard Donner 1978 Superman and I gotta say I absolutely love that theme. I know they didn't want to have any connections to the previous films but I'm sorry they're not sticking with that theme. I've always loved it.

I hope Hans can deliver. While Inception is one of my favorite soundtracks and I love the work he did on The Dark Knight trilogy I'm still nervous about this soundtrack. I'd hate for this movie to turn out good but not have a memorable score. It's Superman! He deserves a glorifying and memorable score.

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I loved the trailer music.

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Red Hood wrote:I loved the trailer music.
Me too. Thought it matched the visuals perfectly.

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I honestly have to say that the music was one of my favorite things about the trailer. It just "fit" who Superman is. It had a sense of an All-American epicness to it. And it was just the right amount of camp to fit the character cause let's face it, Supes is the guy that relishes being cheesy every now and then. They don't call him a boy scout for nothing. The music conveyed that so perfectly, how he is definitely a good guy, but also so much more. A symbol, a force, an ideal for people to strive for.

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This score, that is in the newest trailer is made by Zimmer for 100%?

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I feel like I recognised the trailer music so I kinda doubt it. It's probably by a group that specialises in trailer music.

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My God, this score throughout the trailer was B-E-A-utiful! Can't wait to hear the full thing!

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Score was great in the trailer. It's got nothing on William's theme, but that's hardly a slight against Zimmer, Williams is just the master.

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Hopefully MoS has a track that is similar to Journey To The Line or Time.

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