Shyamalan KnockOut! (Round 3)

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Master Virgo wrote:I think the sensible thing to do is to just skip Round 2 and eliminate both of these films.£
Good point. I guess we'll just skip to Round 3, and eliminate both Following and Insomnia.

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Shall we start?

I vote Rises, although there is hardly any doubt that Begins will be eliminated in this round.£

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Memento again, I'm dead serious

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My round 3 vote goes to TDKR

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Round 3 Vote: The Dark Knight Rises

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round 3 - The Dark Knight Rises

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Yep, The Dark Knight Rises.

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y’all crazyyyy

Batman Begins

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Cilogy wrote:Memento again, I'm dead serious
Fade into bolivian.£

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