Does anybody else feel the world is getting dumber?

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ChristNolan wrote:You understand murdering 5 people who were protecting the very people who hate them? You might want to rethink how you approached that last sentence and it's correlation to the rest of your post. Some would think you just tried to justify mass murder because of "anger".
Don't speak for others when you're talking about yourself. Especially when you can't make sense of what you're saying.

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Ruth wrote:Ugh. You could think so, if you can't read. I understand people are angry, they have their right to be so. I'm sad some of them are choosing to approach it that way by murdering other innocent people. In what universe am I justifying mass murder?
Carefully reread what you said and understand how they coexist with each other.
It's really sad that some people (= some protesters) approach this with violence, because it will only strengthen what racists think - that's it's the only approach black people are capable of. But then again, I understand their anger as well.
If you would have said "I understand being angry but responding with violence is without excuse or understanding" then you would have made an entirely different statement. Instead, the post you made is, in other words, saying "It sucks that they killed innocent people, but I understand their emotions behind it". Which is a just a passive aggressive and beat-around-the-bush way of excusing their (his) actions because yay anger!

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^Dude you're just grasping at straws right now, but okay. I have no problem with repeating that I would NEVER support violence, and I'm definitely not condoning it in this case.

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I feel we are getting near a new conflict, maybe not ww but at least European. What kind of conflict, I don't know, but shit is getting tight over here.

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The funny thing about the whole people hating cops thing is that even if there were no police shootings for a year people would still think they are "pigs" after that year. It truly is funny to think that these people despise most cops but you know they would be whining if cops all of the sudden said they "had enough of it" and they all disappeared and got different jobs.

I will still stand by this, 99% of these cop shootings are on former felons, people that fit a description of a felon, or cases where if you put yourself in their shoes you would feel your life is in danger an accident can happen. In no way am I saying it's justified, I think it is so easy to point fingers when the people criticizing have never been in these type of situations where these cops don't know if their life is in danger or not. These cops, if they mess up they should get their due punishment, but the cops as a whole are putting their lives on the line and are put in awful situations where a misstep can happen.

It's an extremely dangerous time to be a cop, do you think any of these oh so good protestors with perfect judgment are willing to put their lives on the line and do better?

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I say no, but that's because those people are not cops, they haven't accepted the full responsibility of being in that position. Not out of ignorance, but out of choice.

I think the larger matter here is the fact that when our society has placed an immense amount of responsibility and trust in a certain faction of people with the hope that they are "doing good", naturally a break of that trust comes under more scrutiny than for anything else. It probably should, too.

As for your first paragraph, how can we be sure people would despise cops without reason? Perhaps a few would, but those are rare cases. The actual killing of cops is dumb, but I don't think the general reaction to cop action these days is dumb. If anything, it may be a result of misleading and overblown sensationalism by news media. Watching the news these days makes it appear as if cops everywhere have collectively lost their minds and their humanity.

The whole "who polices the police?" conundrum.

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Idiocracy is just around the corner.

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