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I don't understand why Trump is so alarmed. Doesn't he have the full backing of the senate majority. With 53% approval rating overall and 94% among republicans, why would they ever want to cross him?

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New York Times - Trump Meets With LaPierre to Discuss How N.R.A. Could Support Political Defense
President Trump met in the Oval Office on Friday with Wayne LaPierre, the chief executive of the National Rifle Association, and discussed prospective gun legislation and whether the N.R.A. could provide support for the president as he faces impeachment and a more difficult re-election campaign, according to two people familiar with the meeting.

It was not clear whether Mr. Trump asked Mr. LaPierre for his support, or if the idea was pitched by the N.R.A. During the meeting, Mr. LaPierre asked that the White House “stop the games” over gun control legislation, people familiar with the meeting said.

It was unclear what the N.R.A.’s financial support would look like, and whether it would pay for ads, as it did during Mr. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.
CNN - White House restricted access to Trump's calls with Putin and Saudi crown prince

The Washington Post - Trump told Russian officials in 2017 he wasn’t concerned about Moscow’s interference in U.S. election

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It's real lol

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Business Insider - Trump reportedly worked with 2 'off the books' lawyers to pressure Ukraine for damaging information about Joe Biden, in addition to Giuliani
  • Fox News' Chris Wallace reported Sunday morning that President Donald Trump has worked with two personal lawyers, in addition to former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, to pressure Ukrainian officials.
  • Joseph diGenova and Victoria Toensing are two former federal prosecutors who are now best-known for their pro-Trump media appearances. The husband and wife duo run a law firm in Washington, D.C.
  • Trump formerly tried to recruit the two for his legal defense in the Russia probe, but a conflict of interest prohibited them from joining the president's legal team at that time.
  • Along with Giuliani, who previously denied that any other attorneys were involved, diGenova and Toensing worked with the president "off the books," so as not to involve the White House, in trying to solicit damaging information about Joe Biden from Ukrainian officials.
  • Trump's quest for information that could harm Biden's 2020 campaign prospects is the subject of the whistleblower complaint that prompted the impeachment inquiry into Trump's behavior.
this is just this past week, Trump has

- fantasized about the whistleblower's sources being sentenced to death like the 'old days' for treason
- demands to meet with the whistleblower for 'big consequences'
- fantasized about Joe Biden being electrocuted to death
- quoted fantasies of a new United States civil war over himself

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His meltdown was glorious.Glorious.


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