Tomb Raider (2018)

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In the end, it's only a poster lol

What time is the trailer dropping?

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4N Legend wrote:There's something off about her neck
Looks like the dinosaur-human hybrid concept art from Jurassic World.

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Looks like fun. Definitely feeling the video game vibes.

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CoolwhipSpecial wrote:Looks like fun. Definitely feeling the video game vibes.
Yeah, definitely taking some direct action set pieces from the 2013 video game, and villain from Rise of The Tomb raider.

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m4st4 wrote:Image

Trailer drops tomorrow.
BlairCo wrote:If they shortened her neck, it would have been completely fine. Once you see it, you can't unsee it.
Yeah, her throat is overexposed and blends in with background.

Trailer looks fairly standard tbh. Why can't this be a survival film instead of having to save the world? :|

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I see Frost and Wu from Into The Badlands are in this.

Hannah John-Kamen is in this as well. The character she plays on Killjoys is a lot like the charming Lara Croft before the video game reboot happened that I miss. She's reportedly playing Lara's flatmate and best friend.

I suppose Vikander's Croft grows into that role by the very end.

As for the trailer, it sets up the premise well enough but I'm not totally sold on action Alicia with the VFX yet (and VFX usually get better the closer to the movie locking behind the scenes), rather sold on her emotional range where I wonder just how often this script allows her to stretch to that.

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"The fate of humanity is now in your hands"

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... :sick: ...

And that epilogue spoiler with Nick Frost.

Seriously, I'd rather replay Angel of Darkness Paris prologue than watch this.

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What the hell was that ending jump/scream LMAO

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