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Sadly as it is, my Tarantino's 10th film thread got deleted for some nonsense.

Anyway, his tenth film could be R rated Star Trek, could be Kill Bill Vol. 3

“Me and Uma have talked about it recently, frankly, to tell you the truth,” Tarantino said. “I have thought about it a little further. We were talking about it literally last week. If any of my movies were going to spring from my other movies, it would be a third ‘Kill Bill.’”
Tarantino keeps saying his tenth film will be his last feature film. He'll obviously keep writing/producing because "retirement" lol

I bet he won't take too long since he wants to start a family after this film.

I love Kill Bill to death so imo it's already perfect but I also think it's his most polarising work and to see him return to that world he built excites me maybe even more than him directing Star Trek.

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I'd say the Star Trek thing has a 50/50% chance happening just because Paramount/JJ seems totally down with a Tarantino version having absolutely no idea where to take the franchise otherwise. I don't think studio interference will end this idea, it will come down to him

Kill Bill 3 is not happening

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Well he has thought about the possibility of Kill Bill Vol. 3 for a long time.

He hasn't written that Star Trek film entirely by himself right? Wouldn't that make it the first time he hasn't written his directed film entirely himself? That is, he he directs that.

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This might be controversial (esp since I love Kill Bill) but I don’t really care for the fantasy of Vernita Green’s daughter going to Beatrix for revenge some have been harboring for ages

So like, what else could there be done. Idk if I can see it happening

The Star Trek film excites me, but more in the sense of “wow this could be a cool Tarantino film” than “wow this could be Tarantino’s last film”

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Closing out the equivalent of his Dollars Trilogy might feel like a great send-off to him, but Kill Bill Volume 3 would have to be really fucking good to make that work.


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I think he makes both films, Star Trek and Kill Bill 3 but he won’t consider either as his tenth film because Trek is a pre-existing IP and he considers Kill Bill to be one film.

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He considers Kill Bill vol.1 and vol. 2 to be one film. This would make for a sort of epilogue of some sorts but a whole film on its own. I doubt he's going to backtrack and say vol. 3 is still part of that one film lol he didn't shoot the films simultaneous either

he may be taking a break to raise a family but theres no way hes stopping at 10 lets be real

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the realest post here

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Disney+'s solo2001 wrote:
July 28th, 2019, 4:27 am
he may be taking a break to raise a family but theres no way hes stopping at 10 lets be real
i've been saying the same thing for a long while now but people are always like nooooo but he did say he's retiring!!

i'll eat my plate of crow if he doesn't make another film in another 20 years after his 10th, but i just do not see a person like tarantino saying adios to directing forever

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