Dune (2020)

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Nomis wrote:
August 17th, 2019, 6:39 am
That's fun, I think I'll re-read just before the film comes out. I'll see by then if I've managed to only watch the teaser lol

I'm all on board with this casting now btw. I had some doubts about Zendaya simply because I hadn't seen any substantial work from her up until then but with HBO's Euphoria and her bigger role in Spider-Man Far From Home: I'm definitely convinced she's the real deal. She's going to be great as Chani.
Must say I really liked the casting of Young in Lynch' film but like many things with that adaptation, it left much to be desired... Nevertheless, I think Zendaya is going to be great. I bet she and Chalamet will have infectious chemistry.

As of now setting my hopes for them releasing a teaser trailer with Star Wars IX. Only some five months to go :o :X
Zendaya has clearly something, she's got some kind of energy and dynamism, and also some sincerity and also a natural beauty, when I see some of her interview.
I completely trust Denis on this.
Her first big role is to come.

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She's got that charisma down for sure.

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Guess this is the official House Atreides symbol used in the film:


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