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Design for Living

Last week I was thirst trapped by Mae West. This week by Gary Cooper. Holy shit.

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Red-Headed Woman

Okay I know Jean Harlow is supposed to be a bad person in this but she has so much charm and charisma that you can't help but root for her.

Next Saturday will be the last night in the Pre Code Hollywood series and I'm so sad it's wrapping up! But I'm really glad that I got to see some amazing films on the big screen and that some of them were in 35mm.

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Crimson Peak

This is a rewatch.

Chastain's character would unironically post "Welcome to my twisted mind" bullshit on Tumblr lol

EDIT: I have some v deep thots about this movie.
I've been thinking about the role of mothers in Crimson Peak and how we see many different representations of motherhood.

Edith's mother is dead but from beyond the grave she is still watching over her and warning her.

Lady Sharpe is described by Lucille as being monstorous and terrible but I feel like this is a mischaracterization of her because Lucille is still salty that her mom didn't want incest shit going on in the house. And I assume Lady Sharpe was scared of Lucille which is why she locked her away in the nursery. Lady Sharpe is a mom who is at her wits end and doesn't know what to do to protect herself, family, and her children overall.

Lucille becomes a mom out of selfishness. She know the baby can't survive but she still wants it like how a child wants a toy. Lucille is so driven by her ID that she can never really face reality or even consider realistic options to the problems her and Thomas are having with their finanicals.

Lastly, Enola becomes a mother to the dead Sharpe baby in the afterlife. I thought her imagery was so heartbreaking and touching. In death she's caring for a baby that isn't hers and I think in that one image Del Toro told us a lot about that character despite the fact she has like 0 screentime and barely any dialogue.

A lot of this movie is driven by female desire: desires to love, to be independent, to be a mom, and a desire to help others.

I think it's fascinating that Del Toro used mothers to show this the most.
and that concludes another episode of deep thots.

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Rosemary's Baby

2nd viewing


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I'll do a Rosemary's Baby and Repulsion double feature one of these days and post my deep thots on it. I noticed some similarities and contrasts that I found fascinating.

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When Polanski's films are good, they're really good.

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Your Name: Wonderfully dreamy. Loved how the stories intersected in and out of each other. Beautifully animated, too.

Rocketman: This was such a blast. Egerton owns this film, a very commanding performance. I didn't know it was such a musical musical but after a few songs, it started feeling more natural. Also wtf that young kid playing Elton looks exactly like him wtf

El Reino: Was surprised by how tense this was, a high-octane political thriller. De la Torre was a stellar lead.

The Dead Don't Die: Swinton was the best thing about this film. Other than being occasionally funny it was quite a bore.

Midsommar: Much better than Aster's previous film. Pugh is a great lead and I loved the coherent style and story. They could've left a bit out here and there though.

Minority Report: still one of my favourite Spielbergs. Love the story, the performances, production design, VFX are raging really well, the aggressive cinematography serves the story well. It's narrative just works so well.

Ip Man: Very entertaining action film. I wasn't aware of this story tbh. How are the sequels?

Point Blank (2019): I sleep

Pale Rider: This was great. So weird to realise Eastwood was already 56 in this :shock: beautiful production

High Plains Drifter: Quite similar in terms of story to Pale Rider but surprisingly more raw. Loved the red painted town.

Good Time: Intense crime drama. Pattinson is so fucking good. Quite impressed by one of the director's performances too.

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Nomis wrote:
August 8th, 2019, 10:02 am
High Plains Drifter: Quite similar in terms of story to Pale Rider but surprisingly more raw. Loved the red painted town.
The rape scene was highly problematic for me and left such a bad taste.

Chinese Roulette (1976)

Another Fassbinder gem. Though I understand why it's not liked by people. Characters are unusually cold even by Fassbinder's standards.

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It was pretty intense and tbh, quite unexpected of the overall 'good guy' Eastwood usually plays. At least I didn't thought it would happen to begin with.

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Sword of Trust

I saw this because back in March I saw Marc Maron and Lynn Shelton at a live podcast recording in Austin talking about this film.

I enjoyed it. It's a neat little comedy with heart. And I need to see more of Jillian Bell's work. She is very charming.

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