Man of Steel (2013)

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i don't get it

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I originally wanted Arm & Hammer for this role, but thinking about it more, Cavill is essentially perfect. If he does this well, it will definitely put him at the top of the A-list like the Dark Knight Trilogy did for Bale.

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Bacon wrote:How do you think, he'll be? I have yet to see him in a movie, so i have no idea how good of an actor he is, but I'm excited to see how he pulls off Superman.
I had no idea you've yet to see him in the movie.

EDIT: Oh, I thought you said 'the' not 'a'.

I have no clue either.


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Superman vs. Zod

Superman will win.

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Using my Bat-detective skills, I see that Goyer and Nolan have input in the story. With Goyer's presence, we will see elements drawn from existing Superman comic arcs.
Start digging folks.

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ryan4butler wrote:IDK about his style.
I do.
Snyder has a flair for visual talent, using many different bright colours to make the screen look incredible. With his distinct love of action and slo-mo, a story's gotta be there somewhere, but luckily with both Nolans :thumbup: ing the script, it should be fine.

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I'm concerned with his love for cgi I don't like that but I love some of the colors

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I know she is a gigantic love interest that everyone enjoys, but I see her more as a mother type figure or an innocent daughter type figure. She doesn't have the sex appeal that love interests (let alone for Superman) usually have.
But she's a fantastic actress, and she should be interesting depending on the role she gets given.

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