Blade Runner (1982)

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Ingwar wrote:Finally! I'm gonna see it soon in the cinema. Cannot wait :D
Take meee withhhh youuuuuuuuu

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I still haven't watched Blade Runner since I got my used Kuro last April... don't have the BluRay anymore unfortunately. Gotta get it ASAP because I've never seen it on such a high contrast display before. Last I watched it was on my old crappy 27 inch CCFL LCD that had one of the world contrast ratios I've ever fucking seen

if you were not already aware

as i felt obligated to pay my respects i tried out the theatrical cut and it is highlarious

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lol that's the cut with the narration and the
ending where Rick and Rachael fly away to a forrest or something?

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Isn't that Nolan and D-Ville's favourite cut?

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I think so. That's the one they initially saw and fell in love with. The Final Cut isn't that old.

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