Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

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Reading the comments on IMDB, they obviously never saw films like Starship Troopers or Galaxy Quest or The Fifth Element to actually appreciate the genre of Space Adventure.

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I really dont get the hype about this :?

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And the granddaddy of them all: Ice Pirates!

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Crazy Eight wrote:
SilverHeart wrote:Gunn said on Twitter it was shot on film.
Shot on both. Don't know which was the primary format. Footage looked like digital to me in the trailer, though, that could just be Youtube being Youtubey.
The behind the scenes photos I could dig up have the Alexa on set. Didn't see any Panny's.

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James Gunn tweeted this:
Holy shit. We shot 63,000 feet of film Saturday. 11 1/2 hours of film. One scene. We're in for some long dailies tonight! #gotg
If he were shooting on digital that would be a really random thing to say.

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I just hope the villain(s) will be cool for once. Every Marvel movie so far have dissapointed me when it comes to their villains. They've all been so mediocre and lame.

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The only interesting thing in that flick seems to be that raccoon

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Crazy Eight wrote:
Nomis1700 wrote:My appreciation of the MCU was on it's lowest pit ever after Iron Man 2 and never really raised again. I feel their movies are too simple, too childlike and too "funny".
Then this was announced and I thought, well it's something else for a change. Whole new batch of characters and setting, this could be interesting. They take their time for the VFX, that's good.
Now with all the images, I was like: OMG Chris Pratt is so fucking hot, love him! The only other positive thing I had was that at least nothing looked really clean and sleek as they mostly want to do with sci-fis but that's about it.

Just now I watched the trailer… I didn't crack a smile once while it constantly tried to be funny. I know VFX work is not yet done but Raccoon and Groot look really bad so far, worse than I could've imagined. As for the rest, not impressed with anything and that "music", now that's cringeworthy.

I know I know people try to defend this and say "this is exactly what GotG should be like" yeah, in the damn comics. You can't take that directly form the page and put it on screen. It doesn't work. Now, as with all of MCU's latest films they only "work" because they do the minimal job of what should be done and that's why people accept it and even like it while it could be of so much higher quality.

So this trailer didn't won me over at all. I'll try to give it another go at the second trailer but I expect even less than before.
It was shot on the Alexa so it isn't worth watching anyway. ;)
Do you know I prefer film over digital and/or do you too?

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Nomis1700 wrote: As for the rest, not impressed with anything and that "music", now that's cringeworthy.

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What do you mean ''music''? :facepalm:

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