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The Prestige

The Prestige is a 2006 science fiction psychological thriller film directed by Christopher Nolan, written by Nolan and his brother Jonathan.

Two young, passionate magicians, Robert Angier, a charismatic showman, and Alfred Borden, a gifted illusionist, are friends and partners until one fateful night when their biggest trick goes terribly wrong. Now bitter enemies, they will stop at nothing to learn each other’s secrets. As their rivalry escalates into a total obsession full of deceit and sabotage, they risk everything to become the greatest magicians of all time.


Release Date

October 20, 2006


Christopher Nolan


Jonathan Nolan

Christopher Nolan

Story (Novel)

Christopher Priest


Christopher Nolan

Emma Thomas


Wally Pfister

Production Design

Nathan Crowley

Film Editing

Lee Smith

Costume Design

Joan Bergin

Original Score

David Julyan


John Papsidera

Art Direction

Kevin Kavanaugh

Set Design

Julie Ochipinti


$41.2 million

Running Time

130 minutes

Studios Involved

New Market Films

Syncopy Films

Distribution Company

Touchstone Pictures

Foreign Distribution

Warner Bros. Pictures

Christopher Nolan’s Fans