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Following is a 1998 British independent neo-noir crime thriller film written and directed by Christopher Nolan. It tells the story of a young man who follows strangers around the streets of London and is drawn into a criminal underworld when he fails to keep his distance.

A struggling young writer takes to following strangers around the streets of London, ostensibly to find inspiration for his new novel. He mistakenly begins to follow a professional thief who, in-turn, invites the young writer to accompany him on various burglaries. The writer gets a thrill out of the burglaries and begins to take on the habits and lifestyle of a thief and a stalker. A series of dangerous and suspicious events get the young writer into some hot water and he must soon find a way out.


Release Date

September 12, 1998


Christopher Nolan


Christopher Nolan


Emma Thomas

Jeremy Theobald

Peter Broderick


Christopher Nolan

Film Editing

Gareth Heal

Christopher Nolan

Original Score

David Julyan

Art Direction

Tristan Martin



Running Time

70 minutes

Studios Involved

Syncopy Films

Next Wave Films

Distribution Company

Zeitgeist Films


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