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The Prestige - The Book

The Author

Christopher Priest (born 1943) is an English science fiction writer, whose notable works include Inverted World, The Prestige, and The Separation.

His novels have won the BSFA award (three times), the Arthur C. Clarke Award, and the World Fantasy Award. He has also won the BSFA award for short fiction, and been nominated for Hugo Awards in the categories of Best Novel, Best Novella, Best Novelette, and Best Non-Fiction Book.

The Book

As a book, The Prestige is one of Priest's most acclaimed novels, being winner of both the World Fantasy Award and the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Fiction (and shortlisted for three other awards).

Two 19th-century stage illusionists, the aristocratic Rupert Angier and the working class Alfred Borden, engage in a bitter and deadly feud; the effects are still being felt by their respective families a hundred years later. Working in the gaslight-and-velvet world of Victorian music halls, both men lurk in the background of each other's shadowy life, driven to the extremes by a deadly combination of obsessive secrecy and insatiable curiosity. At the heart of the row is an amazing stage illusion they both perform. The secret of the magic is simple (the reader is in on it almost from the start) but to the antagonists the real mystery lies deeper. Both have something more to hide than the mere workings of a trick.

The Adaptation

"I recently read Jonathan Nolan's screenplay adaptation of the book, and although I read it in confidence I can safely say that it is an extraordinary and brilliant script. If Chris Nolan does go ahead and make The Prestige, I have no hesitation in predicting it will be his finest movie since Memento. I hope that whets the appetite of Mr Nolan's many admirers, as it whets mine!" - Christopher Priest, September 2005


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