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January - July 2005

July 6, 2005

Batman giveaway

Here is the chance for you to win one of five official Batman posters. Just answer the following question: With which actors in Batman Begins has Christopher Nolan worked before. Put the names together with your address in an email. Your information will solely be used for the purpose of this competition. Please send the mail with the subject "competition" no later than July 10th to my address. You have to have to be located in either the US or Canada.

June 8, 2005

Batman: First Reviews, Articles, Soundtrack

With a week to go until the official start of Batman Begins there are already a bunch of - mostly positive - reviews out there. Richard Roeper form Ebert & Roeper calls it "the best Batman movie ever by far" and Kirk Honeycutt from the Hollywood Reporter says "For Christopher Nolan to turn Batman Begins into such a smart, gritty, brooding, visceral experience is astonishing." while a review Richard Schickel for the Times is not that positive. You can find more reviews listed at rottentomatoes.

There are also a couple of tracks from the soundtrack by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard to which you can listen to here and there is an exclusive first review of the complete soundtrack at

The American Cinematographer has a very informative aricle about David Julyan's work on Batman Begins.

May 23, 2005

Batman all the way

Well I am sure you are all aware of all the material and information on Batman athat are out there, like the new teasers and trailers. So what's there to report. Well there will be a TV Special on Batman Begins which will be aired in the US on Tuesday, June 14, at 9/8C, on SciFi Channel. It will be hosted by Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Katie Holmes, Morgan Freeman and Christopher Nolan, who will answer questions send in by viewers (you can do so at the above link). So what's there more for us to do than wait for the first Batman reviews... and waiting for information on Chris Nolan's next project...

March 6, 2005

Memento Special Edition DVD Review / Interesting Paper on Memento

The 3-Disc Special Edition of Memento has been out for about 2 Month, so I thought I'd give you a short overview over the discs content - mainly in contrast to the other versions avialable.

I recently received a very interresting and fresh essay on Memento from Elizabeth Blake:

"[...] Why is it that most critical debates spend their time trying to figure out who Leonard “really is?” Maybe there is no other way for them to frame their arguments than to get to the “truth” of the movie. But what if the movie has no “truth?” Is it coincidence that this threat which occurs very early in the movie (“We’ll determine you who really are”) is rewarded with a bullet to the face? What does this say about the ultimate destiny of the critic or viewer who is determined to squeeze the “truth” out of the movie? [...]"

You can read the entire paper here. Thanks once again to Liza!


February 24, 2005

An Update!

Well, I am sorry that I haven't updated this site more frequently in the last months. The reasons are that I was busy shooting (and currently editing) my second short film and that I felt that as there were (and are) numerous sites reporting every tidbit about Batman I did not need to. So I will try and concentrate on the things that have not been reported everywhere - nuff said:

After seven years Following finally gets a theatrical release here in Germany. The film will be screend in its original version - not dubbed which would be the common way in Germany. The Film has positive reviews in the German press. More information about the German release can be found at the official website.

The next update is on its way! (Also made some updates to the Batman section.)

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