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The Plot

Leonard Shelby is seeking revenge. He is looking for his wife's killer. What makes it difficult for him, is that he is unable to make new memories.
If you would like to read a detailed plot anaylsis, try Understanding Memento.

Understanding Memento

Read the script, the short story and various analyses and possible solutions.

Memento Products

Information and reviews for the various Memento DVDs, the Memento Soundtrack and Books on Memento.

Memento Secrets: Memory is treachery

About Car licenses, subliminal messages and insulin injections.

Memento Trivia NEW

Do you know how long it took to film Memento? What camera Leonard uses? And how Chris Nolan made a bullet roll backwards?

Memento Goofs? UPDATED

This section discusses if there are oddities in the film which might be intended.

Memento Thoughts: Remember...

Personal analyses, thoughts & ideas.

Inspirations NEW

All the books, films, video clips, etc. that may have inspired or have been inspired by Memento.

The Memento Cast & Crew

From producer Emma Thomson over editor Dody Dorn to composer David Julyan. Also featuring Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano & of course Guy Pearce.

Memento Photographs UPDATED

Photos from the set, publicity stills, official publicity material and the polaroids. Attention: > 400 kB

Memento Multimedia

The trailer, sound & video clips.

The Making of Memento

Interviews with the cast and crew about the process of creating a movie as complex as memento.


12/06/2002: Memento DVD

I Finally got my copy of the Memento LE DVD.
Added a navigational chart and some words on the menus and the commentary of the Disc.

08/05/2002: Memento Limited Edition DVD:
A new review from DVD Talk sheds light into the riddles that guard the DVD Features as well as it reviews picture & audio quality, packaging, etc...

06/05/2002: Charity Auction: The french version of the Memento poster signed by Christopher Nolan is being auctioned by Hollywood Charities. The auction is taking place here. The money raised is going to National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, For The Children, and The Institute for Meaning and Ethics.
High Bidder Receives:
Christopher Nolan Signed “Memento” Poster (Signed by Christopher in Black Marker; Measures 48” x 60”)
Hollywood Charities Certificate of Authenticity
The auction will run until May, 13. Click here to check current bid.

15/04/2002: Memento Special Edition: Columbia Tristar has announced the details for the Memento Special Edition. Click here to read on

05/03/2002: Memento DVD: The release date for the Memento Special Edition DVD has been pushed back to May 21st. This goes along with the decision to make it a 2-disc-set. So there will probably be plenty of extras included.

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