Your fav character in a Nolan film

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Leonard and alfred borden.

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Following-Bill aka The Young Man:He was the one that is the most likable and you feel for him when it all comes crashing down.Also,we are both inspiring writers.

Memento-Leonard:He is a symphetic and dry-witted character,who can become quite chilling quickly. He is one of the best Nolan characters.

Insomnia-Tie between Ellie and Will:I love Ellie's innocence and loyalty to Will,even after she learned what happened.And Will was so intent on catching Finch,even whn he had nothing left,psychically or emotionally.

Batman Begins-Batman/Bruce Wayne,no contest:His passion,intensity,and sense of loyalty to his ideas and others is why he is my favorite character in this film.Although I like Gordon and find Ducard symphetic. And Scarecrow was the villain who you loved to hate.Hope to see something of him in part 3.

The Prestige-Borden:He was the voice of reason in the feud near the end.His love for his daughter and brother was so heartfelt.

The Dark Knight-Bruce and Gordon:Once again,Bruce stands out,even more so,as he goes through hell and yet still keeps fighting for the city he loves. Gordon is the heart of the film,though,and Oldman was terrific in the final scenes. Honorable mention goes to Dent,for his symphetic anti-hero,and The Joker,who had your attention every time he was on screen.Ledger was brilliant in this film,and you can tell,he loved that role.Even more of a villian you love to hate than the Scarecrow.

Inception-Dom or Eames:Dom carries the film.He really loved his wife and you felt that from him every time he brought up.DiCaprico has so many great scenes in here:his desire to get back to his kids,to his scenes with Ariadne,to the final scene with him and Mal.However,Eames was hilarious and so dynamic on screen,especially when he was having his banter with Arthur.

Hope that wasn't too long. Lol.

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Hi, I'm new to the forum!

I think my favorite characters would be a tie between Dom Cobb, Batman/Bruce Wayne, and Mal (what is so interesting about Mal is that she retains the complexity and mystery of a good character, but in fact she's merely a projection of Cobb's subconscious; she isn't actually a real person in the movie!)

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Hi,ryuzaki. Welcome to the forum. Awesome choices for your favorite characters. Which Nolan films have you seen?

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i don´t really have favorites i just love nolan´s movies

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Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, Alfred Borden, Jim Gordon

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ryuzaki wrote:Hi, I'm new to the forum!

I think my favorite characters would be a tie between Dom Cobb, Batman/Bruce Wayne, and Mal (what is so interesting about Mal is that she retains the complexity and mystery of a good character, but in fact she's merely a projection of Cobb's subconscious; she isn't actually a real person in the movie!)
Very good point, and also very good choices. And welcome to the forums! :D

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For me would have to be Alfred Pennyworth....his lines are just either cool , funny or wise

Bruce : How did you catch that theif in Burma ?
Alfred : we burnt the forest down.

Harvey : Any crazy ex-boyfriends i should know about ?
Alfred " oh! ...You have no idea! (saying with a wry smile as he walks away ...totally badass and funny :D :)

Bruce : People are dying Alfred what would you have me do ?
Alfred : Endure,Sir.

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Woah, really, really hard question :D

Considering there are at least three types of characters Nolan created in his movies, I will treat them separately.

First, there are the truly good, benign and positive characters, my favorites from this category are Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon. I don't think I have to comment on Bruce's character, the movies tell you everything. I really love Gary Oldman's portrayal of Gordon, because he always gets to play truly psychotic and villainous characters, and still he manages to make the lieutenant (now commissioner) one of the most loveable characters in the Batman-films. (Off: Gary Oldman is a damn good actor.) In the Burton-, but more in the Schumacher-movies Gordon's character was almost left-out, like he weren't even there in the story, and that was pretty annoying. But luckily Nolan got it more than right.

Then, there are the truly evil antagonists. Will it be a surprise if I say the Joker? The Joker isn't just the best antagonist in Nolan's movies, I think he's one of the best villains of all time. Alfred sums it up the best: he just want to watch the world burn. He can't be bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. He doesn't want money, fame, nuclear weapons, nothing. He just want to DESTROY and make CHAOS. That's why the Joker is incorruptible (how ironic that the Joker said to Batman the same), and that's why he is - in my opinion - the best villain of all time.

And I think the third category is the most exciting category, because it's the category of the mixed characters :D I couldn't find a better name for it... Cobb, Angier, Harvey Dent. These are the characters who are good people deep inside, but lost their way. Angier becomes in The Prestige a real asshole, even though he was the more sympathetic guy at the beginning of the movie. I just love this transformation! It's really interesting that at least 3 Nolan-characters are motivated by revenge (Leonard, Bruce, Angier... oh, and Harvey Dent, so that's 4), it's truly a complex question. The whole sequence of Batman Begins where Bruce is trained by Ducard they talk about revenge and why Bruce never avenged his parents death, and I really love how Nolan shows us the different outcomes of taking revenge in different movies: Bruce at first wanted to avenge the death of his parents, but "luckily" he didn't have an opportunity, and later he could make the difference between revenge and justice. Revenge was the thing what made Leonard feel like he's alive, without the motivations he would be only a vegetable sitting in front of his TV, watching commercials like Sammy Jenkis. Sadly Harvey Dent and Angier fell into the trap of revenge (quite literally), they truly lost their way through the different stories.

And Cobb is exciting, too, because we could all be in his place. I mean all of us made mistakes in our lives which we later regretted. Sometimes these were really big mistakes, but we had to live with it. Cobb's situation is the same: he made a huge, huge mistake, but he felt that he's got the right to make his life better. It's like Walter Bishop in Fringe, sorry for bringing this up :D But I think it's the same thing. In the past Cobb (and Walter :P ) were idiots, but I think (and they think it, too) that everyone has at least one chance to make their life better.

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The Joker is the best character but my favorite is (Albert/Fredrick Borden) not both of them just one who was the father of Jess, I don't know which one of them was him.£

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