Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019)

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all my thoughts on top level films are sorta the same i.e. "wow the filmmakers really understand humanity/life"
nothing better than seeing a movie that has no BS and earns every moment.

EDIT: nomis i know it's you and you can't win
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I need this movie in my veins.

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So there’s just no thread for this...?

This was the real deal. My #2 of the year so far, right after Parasite.

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Seeing it Sat afternoon. Had friends in the screening you were in. Said energy in the room was huge.


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Words cannot express my love for this movie.

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EDIT: nomis i know it's you and you can't win
i see you joined in 2014 so i think you missed it but there is lots of historical precedent for appreciation threads. this was a callback of sorts, with the twist being that for once the subject matter warrants the title

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