Disney+'s Falcon & Winder Soldier

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Third MCU show on Disney+. Anyone else think this is overkill? There's a reason people got burnt out on Netflix's shows. Are Agents of Shield/Agent Carter even still a thing?

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Tbh the only reason I personally got a bit burnt out on Netflix's shows was because they stretched the material too much and made 13 episodes out of what should have been 10 at most. Also they lacked pretty much any integration with the movies. Being produced by Marvel Studios instead of Marvel Television, these Disney+ shows have a lot of potential in my eyes.

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I don't see the point in Disney moving their stuff to a separate thing I mean I'm just gonna pirate it anyway

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Key point of difference is that these will be miniseries rather than shows, no?

Holding out for a "Toast of Croydon" show

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I'm out

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