Uncut Gems (2019)

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suddenly i’m super excited for this and before i was only vaguely aware of its existence

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So, this is not getting a theatrical release in my country lol but it'll be on netflix later this month

Is there a possibility it'll be released in HDR?

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Adam Sandler Roasts the Safdies, Calls Film Critics Mean in Uproarious NYFCC Speech

“All you critics, I know what you have said about me over the years,” Sandler said. “It’s fine. I have two words to say to you: You’re mean! But this is about the boys. The Safdie brothers.”

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that was fun

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Has anyone here seen the Safdies' earlier films? Are they any good? Because I feel like at this point, they can do no wrong.

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I haven't, but if I were you I'd check them out whatever the consensus is on them.

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Great trailers. Was looking forward to seeing it. The whole "this movie is like an anxiety attack" kind of chatter made it seem very experimental and original, but i didnt find those experiences while watching the movie. The build up and the majority of the characters were pretty interesting, but it kind of deflated once those three guys get
trapped and they watch the game, simply because prior to that there was some discrepancy with the actors coming across as threatening. The brother-in-law character even though he has a character face, which you would think suggest some kind of criminal inclination, actually kept coming across as really concerned and worried for Adam Sandler although his actions were supposed come across as dangerous. Every time he did anything to the guy, he would look heart broken like "im so sorry i'm doing this to you." And when they get locked up in that glass chamber, there isnt much of a conflict within their containment, they're sort of relaxed about it all.

The Goldman vs Sivlerman short is pretty damn good though.

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It's fascinating that Kobe was considered to be the basketball star of the film.

But I gotta say, Garnett did a great job here, far better than when he first played in a movie in 96 as Wilt Chamberlain.

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Kobe wouldn't be able to pull off a legit hard ass like KG was in the role.

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