Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

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Tarantino and Pine collaborating would be great

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I wonder if QT saw Pine in Hell or High Water---that was his best performance to date in my opinion.

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Pine is just amazing in everything.

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If Parasite can't win, I hope this wins BP (it probably won't either). Just rewatched and it hit me way more than I thought it would.

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Yes, seeing Parasite again, to make sure, but, as of now, this should easily win best picture in my opinion.

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Instead of watching the Super Bowl I did the only logical thing, rewatch Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with Super Bowl party "Man" food. Easily becoming one of my favorite movies, BUT

you know what jumped out at me as a powerful image this viewing?

the whole movie has this montage feel guided by the 60s soundtrack as much as anything else, and in the climax when the radio falls into the pool (along with Rick) and the soundtrack suddenly drops, it's as though the sounds of the 60s and therefore the "decade" itself gets washed away beneath the waves of the pool


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shit bruh

that's nice

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