Dark Phoenix (2019)

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Kind of funny Kinberg gets another chance at Dark Phoenix after being a part of the botching the first time.

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True, but there were a bunch of other factors with that movie. The director, Superman Returns taking away Marsden's availability, interfering studio execs.

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Wolverine?? [discuss]

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the_red_ninja wrote:Soooooooo...

Wolverine?? [discuss]

leave him be

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RIFA wrote:Jennifer Lawrence reminds me so much of Reese Witherspoon. What's the point of having that driving attitude of getting better when you can just cash in, phone in some shit every once in a while, and be the sweetheart of America.

That being said, Lawrence' talent pool is quite vast but... yeah.
I like Reese now because she is taking on more challenging roles. She was really good in Big Little Lies.

Lawrence was good in Winter's Bone so I'll give her that. But for her films after that, I always feel like she is just playing herself honestly. Loud mouth, argumentative type roles.

I think a lot of people are seeing through the smoke now and see that she's not what she's cracked up to be.

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BlairCo wrote:I'm giving Kinberg the benefit of the doubt because when you look at his filmography, he's been the driving force behind some very big pentpole movies, whether they ended up terrible or not. Hopefully Lawrence heard the backlash to her performance and she'll actually show up to play this time around.
lol if there's one thing I don't see her do it's taking into account that she delivered a bad performance. Just like she did in that space movie

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So MacAvoy, Fassbender & Hoult will have aged 30 years in 7 years real-time.


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Now Where Was I ? wrote:So MacAvoy, Fassbender & Hoult will have aged 30 years in 7 years real-time.

Isn't that true of comic book representations though?

The Singer franchise has only ever had vague allusions towards reality

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Still tho. So far they've done nothing to make them look older or anything lol

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