Favourite scene?

The famous 2000 film that put Christopher Nolan on the map tells the story of a man on the hunt for the man he thinks killed his wife.
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following_CN wrote:For me - the opening reverse scene with titles and music (that melody is so deep and spacey) - it just sets that perfect mood for the rest of this magnificent film.
I totaly agree...when i saw it for the first time it blew my mind...i also love the briliant end of the movie :P

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The Silent Guardian wrote:The ending.

Just amazing, how the plot is so twisted. Heck I was in denial to, for a few minutes thinking
"No, No Lenny is a good guy."

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The opening scene is nothing other than pure class, it blew my mind with the reversed photograph and the ominous soundtrack the David Juylan brings... now that is epic and engaging all within the first shot of the film.

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