Joker (2019)

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$500 million in 9 days :shock: :?

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Ummm, it's because of the Tenet teaser.

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Saw it. Really enjoyed it. Left the theater feeling much sad, very depressed. Phoenix for best actor Oscar.


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Demoph wrote:
October 13th, 2019, 5:13 pm
Nomis wrote:
October 13th, 2019, 4:08 pm
It's already made some $100 million more than IT 2 lol
Is this the Mycocaine's metric ?

I've seen the film by the way. I think it's very good cinema, but... How to explain?
I wouldn't call it dull, I think Philips really made Cinema, the film is very well directed imo. My issue is more, well, the film begins with a white guy beaten by black people, and yet it still thrives for a ambiguous message. I love that there's a superhero movie out there that is ambiguous, instead of just giving you all the clues, I love that there's a movie that has the audience think, that is critical of society and of America, that has no CGI, no big action sequence but character development. I just feel there are some stuff in the movie that don't deserve ambiguity.
To sum up, I'd rather date someone who loved Ad Astra or Parasite than Joker... Am I clear?
No because one of your nitpicks is that he was beaten by a group of black people, when in fact those kids were clearly Hispanic.

Sidenote that scene was actually filmed a few towns over from me

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Can we not talk about race?

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Fortunately I went into this film completely blind. That means no trailers, no marketing and not visiting this thread.
Joker is one of the best films I've seen this year (so far) yo. I have seen a lot of Joker iterations, and I must say this is a good origin story.

Plus its been awhile since I have physically gasped in a movie theatre.

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Wonderful movie! Phoenix definitely deserves an Oscar nomination. The guy is perfect as Arthur Fleck. Loved the dark tone, the depressing story, the visuals, the score. It's a very special movie. This is the kind of movie I like. No silly jokes, no CGI everywhere, just a dark, deep and really interesting story. That's all I need. JOKER is a 10/10 :batman:

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lol @ this film having a 8.9 on imdb. It's not surprising, but c'mon. It's a good film, but it ain't that good.

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Numbers wrote:
October 17th, 2019, 3:13 pm
lol @ this film having a 8.9 on imdb. It's not surprising, but c'mon. It's a good film, but it ain't that good.
Yeah, You'd think it was directed by Christopher Nolan or something... :D

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and i thought my jokes were bad, etc


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