An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on July 17, 2020.
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Wow. I just saw the prologue in IMAX at Universal Citywalk (and they did show it in film). Even having seen the bootleg, the IMAX screen made it so much more intense. I heard a few "Whoa"s throughout the crowd in the silence after it ended.
Nicewatch wrote:
December 22nd, 2019, 2:32 am
The terror situation was a facade for the SWAT to enter the building. The SWATs goal was to sleep-gas the audience and to bomb the building in order to take out the VIP. The 100s of SWATs outside was for show, they didn’t need all of them to enter the building for a relatively smaller operation inside. JDWs goal was to save the VIP.
So this whole thing is some sort of
government-orchestrated ruse, right? Like the government (or some person or entity with enough authority) hired the terrorists (probably not directly, but under the table). But just as pawns for the bigger picture task (kill the VIP). Sort of like the Joker's bank heist in The Dark Knight.

The real SWAT team has been instructed to kill everyone (since all the audience has been put to sleep, no witnesses to see real SWAT planting bombs.) The bombs would then be blamed on the terrorists.
Also, towards the end of the scene, who is it that says
"You don't have to kill these people" while JDW has a gun pointed to his head. It would make sense if it's JDW, but camera is on the guy with the gun while that line is being said, so it's a tad confusing.
And who is
The guy that saves JDW at the end. It's a random SWAT, but not real SWAT, but not with the fake SWATs on JDW's team. JDW says "That wasn't one of ours". Any chances that it's Robert Pattinson's character? Was he reported to be on set for the filming of this scene?

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It’s clearly JDW who says that line, the camera is on him when the line is spoken and then switches to the other guy. He’s literally
collecting all the bombs to protect the audience. The other guy is from the real SWAT and wouldn’t speak English. Also, it’s JDW’s voice.
It’s hilarious how with every movie, they find a way to record dialogue with minimum noise from the IMAX cameras.

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MMatt wrote:
December 21st, 2019, 9:47 pm
December 21st, 2019, 2:03 pm
OK, it would be great if someone could write down all the dialogue happened in
that small room where JDW asked if the bombs can be defused and one SWAT guy swapped clothes with the VIP.
I just have the most difficult time catching what they were saying.
JDW: Swap clothes. The Ukrainians are expecting a passenger. Did you have an out?
Swat Member 1 : (swapping clothes with the VIP) Service tunnel to the sewer.
JDW: Take him, take his exit. I don't trust us anymore. Can you diffuse that?
Swat Member 2: It's centrally synchronized, are there more?
JDW: (nods) Covering their tracks.
Swat Member 2: Taking out the audience?
JDW: They're just the cheap seats.
Swat Member 3: Not our mission!
JDW: Mine now.

So the guy swaps clothes with the VIP, and goes with JDW, eventually to the van while the other team members take the VIP through the sewers. The Ukrainians in the van are pissed, which leads to the scene in the trailer at the train tracks.

I have a few observations regarding this scene and the sizzle reel after it:
Thanks to others on this forum it is clear now to an extent what the scene is about:D The terrorist attack does seem like a sort of "fake attack" in the sense that SWAT teams were expecting the opera house to be hit and they let it play out - I guess, since the SWAT teams and the terrorists are still shooting at each other, the terrorist don't realize they are part of this ruse.

Anyway, the SWAT are after that one guy in the VIP room, but JDW's team for some reason decides not to deliver the VIP guy to whoever ordered them to do so, but instead exchange him for one of their own. Also, bombs are planted to kill the audience, but JDW and team decides to remove the bombs.

That is when one of the Ukrainian officers realizes that JDW is not with them and removes his fake badge. But the guy who points his gun at JDW before the time reversal effect speaks in English, as opposed to Ukrainian, so I wonder why that is. He clearly says "Walk away" or something like that in English - and I still believe he's the one who says "You don't have to kill these people". Now this is quite confusing because it doesn't really make sense in the context we have just established. It would make sense if it was JDW who said to the officer that THEY don't have to kill these people, but I really don't hear JDW's voice and it's awkward that they cut to the other guy in that moment. And yes, the guy who then saves JDW is probably someone who will have a bigger role later in the movie, so it's wise to assume it's either Pattinson or Aaron-Taylor Johnson, but I would bet on Pattinson.

When JDW goes for the VIP guy, he says the code:
- We live in a twilight world.
- There are no friends of dusk.
- replies VIP in a surprised manner, to which JDW replies:
- You've been made. - I'm pretty sure this is what he says, isn't it?

So there's definitely a lot going on in a background we still don't know, like what is the organization the VIP guy was "made" into.

Also, it does sound like JDW says "I'll take the help" after he is saved by the mysterious figure.

Also also: in the sizzle reel, look at Kenneth Branagh's hand: he counts down from three to two very slowly (look at his ring finger). Since they go in reverse while JDW faces the other direction (or vice versa, who knows at this point), I wonder if that is some sort of synchronized sign like the kick in Inception. I mean, at one point KB could've actually counted "1, 2, 3" but then we see it happen in reverse... I don't know, anyway, intriguing shot.

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Yes the tricky part about who said
"Walk away, you don't have to kill these people."
is that they cut in middle of that line...

So it's just almost impossible to know whether it's JDW or that SWAT guy who said it.

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That's clearly NOT JDW's voice.

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CASE wrote:
December 22nd, 2019, 8:16 am
That's clearly NOT JDW's voice.
I agree, but then it's really difficult to see how the whole thing makes sense :D

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DHOPW42 wrote:
December 22nd, 2019, 7:13 am
And yes, the guy who then saves…
JDW is probably someone who will have a bigger role later in the movie, so it's wise to assume it's either Pattinson or Aaron-Taylor Johnson

Could it be JDW from the future helping himself?


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I don’t know what y’all are smoking :lol:
So someone comes in, points a gun at his head to stop him from taking out the bombs - saving the ‘people’ but says “Walk Away. You don’t have to kill these people.” Or just the second line. That would only make sense if he thinks he’s planting the bombs not taking them out but I don’t think that’s the case here.

It makes no sense at all. Yes the editing is kinda confusing since both of them are masked and the SWAT holding the gun at him (to me at least) doesn’t utter a single word. I think it’s obvious it’s JDW. I think the voice and the accent matches. His tone is slightly different that’s all. Also, watch the latest bootleg that was posted on Reddit. Better video and audio quality.

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Guys, is there a link somewhere, PM maybe?

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m4st4 wrote:
December 22nd, 2019, 10:33 am
Guys, is there a link somewhere, PM maybe?
You will find it on Reddit tenet page r/tenet

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