Teaser/Trailer #1

An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on July 17, 2020.
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If this is fake then whoever made it is so damn good.
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How gullible are you guys

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Synching the titles? Would take some effort but it’s not hard at all.
But the rotating title? IDK and they even have the bullet in there.
Plus the music...

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Just think for a second guys. First, to make fan made teaser as this one you need russian title cards. So the teaser is shot with camera originally, or this guy is so good editor and is making all this titles on his PC. End even then, he needs to perfectly edit the whole footage and sync the music... making fake cam quality effects... knowing that WB will eventually block this video.

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*cue the wait a damn minute video*

The uploader has many fan-made trailer edits :lol:
Okay, he’s bloody good. Official or not, it’s a good edit.

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the Dunkirk-ish ticks added give this all the authenticity it has, im torn, i want this to be real lol

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Actually, I'm almost totally convinced at the point that it's fake :D If it turns out it wasn't, shame on me, but the whole thing is just too literal. The "original cut" (the one we know) is quite subtle with its clues, with the editing. This one is just too much on the nose.
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I'm going with fake.

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It's fake, but it was shown in a movie theater, is my guess. Literally someone who works at a movie theater probably popped in a USB drive for their buddy.

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Fake but I won't say it wasted everyone's time. The music was good (It's not a tickling clock actually it sounds more like a tribal sticks).

This was shot in a Russian cinema and then the video edited.

Why I think it is fake?

1) Not a millisecond of new footage. If Nolan wanted a new cut he would definitely add in new footage in the mix.

2) Video pacing

3) JDW literally walking backwards makes no sense. In the original, only half of it was backwards (but still was shown as forward).

4) Movie is not being shot in Russia. Debuting a brand new cut there (with no new footage) makes no sense.

5) WB would've immediately got it removed if it was the next big thing.

6) Why would there be a new cut at all? It's not like the original cut was delivered in a rush by Nolan because studios put pressure on him.

7) People were too eager for something new. They saw something new they lost their collective minds.

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