Kenneth Branagh & Michael Caine join the cast

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Kenneth Branagh and, of course, Michael Caine have joined the cast of ‘Tenet’.

Branagh is a four-time Oscar-nominated actor and filmmaker. Branagh also joined Nolan on his last film, “Dunkirk.”

Michael Caine is a mainstay among Nolan films, so his announcement was just a matter of formality at this point.
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Wh...Wha... Whaaa... What .... WHAT!!??

Excellent news! More of Branagh in Nolan films, please!!

And of course, The Caine! :thumbup:

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Great to see Caine coming back properly after his minor involvement in Dunkirk.

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Yes :clap: the legends are back

I really liked that Caine was also in Dunkirk, albeit in a very minor role. He played an RAF pilot in Battle of Britain

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I would kinda like to see Caine play a baddie. :twisted:

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Professor Brand wasn't exactly... Honest.
Okay he was at the very end but you know what I mean.

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I keep thinking about him in Harry Brown, I thought he was cool in that role.

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He was and it's a pretty good film.

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So freaking glad Caine's going to be in this! Relieved, actually.

And Kenneth gave one of my favorite performances in Dunkirk, so these are awesome news all around!

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Branagh actually indirectly convinced Nolan to change his script in Dunkirk, and Nolan repeatedly emphasized how inspired he was by Branagh during the film's press run. Very excited to see Branagh joining the ranks of Nolan regulars.

Now only if we got Cillian Murphy (not a unique choice, I know, but the guy gives a standout performance in practically every Nolan film he's in that isn't a cameo).

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