John David Washington leads the cast

An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on July 17, 2020.
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He will have a european sounding name which is would be practical and seems consistent in nolan's main protagonists.

Palindrome European names i like

Renner and Neven

both german.

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LelekPL wrote:
August 5th, 2019, 7:30 am
Robert, or BoB.

Or maybe he's European and he's OttO.
wow bob wow

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I mentioned in another thread that maybe his name is Tenet.

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lolsgame wrote:
August 5th, 2019, 9:33 am
He will have a european sounding name which is would be practical and seems consistent in nolan's main protagonists.

Palindrome European names i like

Renner and Neven

both german.
:eh: Um, do you mean last names or first names?? I'm German and never heard Neven before. I googled it and indeed it is a Croatian/Serbian/Macedonian name.
As for Renner: It could only be last name, that would make sense, but still its not a common name.

Common palindrome first names in German would be Anna, Hannah, Otto. Although Otto is not common among young people.

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I'm 99% sure we'll only learn his last name.

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if we’re suggesting palindrome names, i think Dad is fitting

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LelekPL wrote:
August 5th, 2019, 4:22 am
Wenzel Dashington

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Im going with Wells.

At first I was like what was the name of the lead in the Time Machine but they didn't have a name. So Im going with a nod to the author.

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What if JDW and RP names mirror each other one going forwards one going backwards like...

Leon - Noel

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I thought this would sorta be cool to revisit, JDW (very briefly) mentioned Nolan back in 2018.

He said he wanted to work with him:

After a string of indies, would you want to do a studio blockbuster?

If the studios will have me! For me, it's really about filmmak­ers. Christopher Nolan is one of them. Tarantino. Spike Lee I already got to work with. I am really still learning, and Spike Lee was more like a master class than a job. On that set I discovered — to use a Matrix reference here — there is no spoon. There is no one way or correct way to get to the truth. There are different paths to get there. I have never felt more comfortable and confident than working with Spike. That just speaks to how capable he is a director. He knows what he's doing. It was a 35-day shoot and the way he shoots, he is like, "Cut. We got it!" and I am like, "Spike, I can give you more." "We got it! Next up. Let's go. Slate in." I was just like, "Daaamn." It was like suicides. In football, you say it's the two-minute offense. You have two minutes to win and you have to score a touchdown. ... ut-1075103

and he said he listens to Christopher Nolan's scores:

I loved the first scene with you driving around in the car, singing along with the radio. Do you have your own go-to playlist of songs that you like to sing to when you’re driving around?

WASHINGTON: Yeah, I do. I had a whole playlist for Blackkklansman that was nothing but ‘60s and ‘70s music. It’s interesting, I’ve been pulled over a couple of times in my life. I remember I was a teenager when I got pulled over and I was listening to some hip-hop – I think it might have been Tupac – and when the cop approached the car, I switched it to indie rock, like The Cranberries, which was on the same CD, by the way, ‘cause I like all kinds of music, but my instincts told me to do that. Now, I feel like that’s sad because, why would I turn the hip-hop off and put The Cranberries on, thinking that maybe would save me or make him think that I’m okay. That’s crazy! There’s nothing wrong with the fact that I love The Cranberries – they were all on the mix tape – but the fact that I had to do that, looking back on it now, in my 30s, seems crazy that I felt like that. But to give you perspective, I love all kinds of music. I listen to scores sometimes, whether it’s the Star Wars scores from John Williams, or Hans Zimmer, or all of the Christopher Nolan scores, which are great. I listen to all kinds of music. Sometimes it’s hip-hop, other times maybe it’s some classical, or some Enya. I love it all. ... nd-the-gun

I started watching Ballers and he is by far the best part of the show. I really need to see BlacKkKlansman and Monsters and Men.

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