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An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on July 17, 2020.
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anikom15 wrote:
April 5th, 2019, 10:02 pm
You can’t determine clipping from looking at the waveform, actually, esp. when you cover it up in red paint. White noise (for example) will look like clipping at 0 dBFS in the waveform even if it’s not (actually it can’t clip by definition but whatever). But, assuming that’s all clipping, that’s really bad. I don’t think it was like that in the theater.
I didn't "cover" it, Audacity recognizes clipping portions (touching/eclipsing 0 dB) and does that for me. https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/view_menu.html (scroll down to "show clipping")

For the record, I don't have a big problem with Dunkirk's sound (except how the guns are significantly quieter after the opening scene). I have a big problem with TDKR's sound, though. That's more of a subjective thing, but it's based on its [lack of] fidelity.

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Nolan has a great eye for up and coming talent.

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If the blu-ray had audio issues that has nothing to do with King and the sound crew who worked on the film initially though.

And the audio in my theater was fucking divine. Wish I had a heartbeat monitor on me for that first viewing.

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To get this offended when someone lightly implies your sound system isnt good enough.

Some people here really need to grow up.

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Sharkboy wrote:
April 6th, 2019, 3:42 pm
To get this offended when someone lightly implies your sound system isnt good enough.

Some people here really need to grow up.
I'm grown, thank you Sharkboy.

Also, I'm not offended at what he called my sound system. I'm slightly unnerved however that he just assumes that I have something that's garbage or I recklessly misuse it, when in fact I am a diehard AV enthusiast and my equipment of my greatest pride and joys.

The big thing for me though was the blatant stubbornness. Sorry, I know what I'm talking about and have data to back it up. The tracks have clipping in them.

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Dunkirk has one the best mixes on UHD. I have a low-mid end 5.1 (Jamie S606, impact mini sub) and it gets much closer to replicating the imax experience than I thought it could.


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If people are stating their opinion on the mix in response to anything I said, I need to restate that I love Dunkirk's mix. I stated there was clipping, that wasn't a negative thing or a detraction but just a fact of the mix. The only negative I spoke up were the guns quieting after the opening scene, or at least in comparison to the opening scene.

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Well, controversial indeed. Look, on a technical stand point there are no issues with the track. Even Interstellar would show some clipping according to the meter (in Audition).

My problem with it is, a lot of the explosions are intentionally distorted, even if you play at a low volume it doesn't change a thing. It was an artistic choice. I stated my personal opinion.

There are many films ("Blade Runner 2049", "Mission: Impossible Fallout" are great examples) that get really loud but never lose clarity, and the sound seems to breathe better. Don't think I could explain it really, you'd have to listen and compare yourself.
And don't go too far. Compare Dunkirk to Inception and I'm sure you will notice a huge difference.

I get what he's trying to do. Even the IMAX representative who did the live stream on Facebook said something about how Nolan wanted the audio to distort when a plane would fly over the characters. It's provocative choice. It's something he started with Interstellar.

So clipping or not, the mix is aggressive intentionally at its loudest and to me it sounds like the air is sucked out of it most of the time. Just an observation I've made comparing it to other film mixes. (One film which almost has the same problem - on my system at least is First Man which is strange since it sounded incredible in IMAX).

And no, I don't think Richard King is responsible for I don't think mixing is part of his job.

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Bring Bale and Oldman back, please

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As an engineer I’m getting real annoyed by the two people who don’t know what clipping actually is and pretend they do.

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