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An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on July 17, 2020.
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We'll find a way. We always have.

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Mayor of Tallinn : "It's not possible."

Nolan : "No, it's necessary."

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imagine not giving nolan what he wants

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The solution is to evacuate the city...

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I remember hearing in an interview with McConaughey him saying Chris was the best problem solver he’d ever work with, so no matter the obstacles, Nolan I’m sure will figure it out.

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Yeah.. By not filming in Estonia after all

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Both Hoyte and John have been pictured at Paramount Studios recently so maybe filming happening over there?

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thebluehoodie @thebluehoodie
I only go to the arclight to use the bathroom and possibly experience a Bret Ellis sighting but Chris Nolan having family night (rocketman???) will suffice
This guy is still just chillaxing in L.A. people. Not a worry in the world.

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It’s unethical to close a major road in a developing country for a month.

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