Official TDKR viewings update

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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Overall Statistics:

4 viewings
4 Towns
3 Regular
Over 450 miles of road...


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3 viewings, all imax, same theatre 1 town

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Hey fellow Bat fans.

I wanted to see if we can all get together (along with other Bat fans in other message boards, blogs, bat websites) and organize a TDKRises viewing rally at IMAX theaters and bombard the local theaters to give TDKRises another push at the Box Office?

Kind of like a flash mob type of thing I guess where we all get as many Bat fans or even regular general movie going folks to watch the film on the same day next weekend possibly?

What do you all think and how can we do this? Ideas would be appreciated. Lets get it done baby!

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7 viewings
1 town
1 imax (6 viewings)
1 digital (1 viewing)
Under 3 miles of road...


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1 town

3 viewings

All regular theaters :cry:

My uncle turned down going in IMAX :cry: :cry:

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4 Viewings

2 States

3 Different theaters

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RIFA wrote:7 viewings
1 town
1 imax (6 viewings)
1 digital (1 viewing)
Under 3 miles of road...

God, RIFA...

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3 viewings 1 IMAX digital, 1 IMAX 15/70, and 1 35 mm ALL completely different experiences
3 towns
idk miles, I didn't drive lol

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9 viewings all IMAX at 2 different theaters. Going to #10 on Saturday cause I got passes after some douche pulled the fire alarm at my last viewing 3/4 of the way in.

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Over 4 viewings in less than a month for most of you.... wow

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