T-Killah - Привет как дела? (Hello, how are you?)

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This february one of my friends (Uriël Mattheus, it's his birthday today!) told me to contact Anton van der Linden, because he was looking for a screenwriter. I wasn't really writing something else, so I decided to have a chat.
Two days and a short pitch later, I was hired for my first payed writing job. Assignment: write a romance story for the new music video of Russian rapper T-Killah, titled "Привет как дела?" (Privet, Kak Dela? - Hello, how are you?).

Today is the day that the video was uploaded on YouTube! My work is the continued love story that plays out on the metro station. They translated the script into Russian (so don't ask me what the writings exact say) and with Anton as director, they shot the video in Amsterdam (and yes, that is a Victoria's Secret model!).

So I'd say to all: watch it, watch it again and "Загрузите песню в iTunes!"

And it's always appreciated when you tell me what you think.


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I'm really excited for you Erik, unfortunately the video is unavailable to me.
Congratulations yo.

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Exciting news :)

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