Your fav character in a Nolan film

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and I do like Bert and Flass in his films...

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Main character: Alfred Borden
Supporting character: Alfred

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I can't choose, it's so hard!

They're not my favorite, but I reckon Lucius Fox and Alfred Pennyworth's characters have add very much to TDK

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Wow, not easy at all. I'll take a strike at it, though.

Male: Most likely The Joker or Bruce/Batman. Although, I also really liked Cobb in Inception, too. Too many choices!

Female: It would have to be Natalie in Memento, played perfectly by Carrie-Anne Moss.

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Male: The Joker then Cobb
Female: Mal. She's terrifying!

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Vader182 wrote:Male: The Joker then Cobb
Female: Mal. She's terrifying!
How could I forget about Mal? I've changed my decisions...

Male: The Joker (The Dark Knight)
Female: Mal (Inception)

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mine is joker ..... :clap:
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I doubt you're the first, but it's possible. Either way, welcome to the forums.

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Wow, this is a difficult one. My would be Cobb from Inception as well as Joker, Batman. As far as female characters, it would Mal from Inception.

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