Your fav character in a Nolan film

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IWatchFilmsNotMovies wrote:Nash
from inception?

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Saito, Eames, Nash, (he added a lot to the movie for only being in it for a short time) Arthur, The Joker, Lucius Fox, Mal, and the rest, :lol:

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The Joker hands down.

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CrazyEight wrote:The Joker hands down.
This. Joker owns all.

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I would have to choose Leonard but the Joker and Harvey is a close second though.

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1. Leonard Shelby
2. Detective Dormer
3. Cobb (Following)
4. The Joker
5. Eames

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Alfred Borden

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1. The Joker (The Dark Knight)
2. Alfred Borden (The Prestige)
3. Dom Cobb (Inception)
4. Bruce Wayne (Batman saga)
5. Arthur (Inception)

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Dodd wrote:Alfred Borden

Yeah Alfred Borden is a good shout out, but which one though :lol:

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This is difficult. But I have to go with Harvey Dent/Two Face. I never imagined Dent in the way Nolan brought him to life. Every time I watch TDK I'm just reminded how perfect he's done in that film. He's my favorite for sure.

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