Your fav character in a Nolan film

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self explanatory
mine is either Lenard or the joker

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Blockbuster - Batman, the Joker.

Smaller Films - Alfred Borden.

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This is not easy.
Leading: Leonard Shelby, Alfred Borden, Bruce/Batman

Supporting: Natalie, Lucius Fox (I love the sarcasm of the character), The Joker.

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not easy at all...

The Joker, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Rachel, Leonard, Alfred Borden. sorry, i couldn't choose :oops:

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Batman Begins:

The Prestige:
Alred Borden

The Dark Knight:
The Joker

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I actually choose Alfred (not Borden, but Alfred from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight). He has a good sense of humor and a lot of wisdom. He is not just an employee of Bruce Wayne, he is his best friend, he is family!

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Far and away Alfred Borden from The Prestige. Complexly written and wonderfully acted.

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Either The Joker, or Leonard Shelby.

Due to the performance of Ledger, The Joker.

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mine now is Teddy

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