Happy Birthday Artemis!

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TeddyBlass wrote:
Crazy Eight wrote:
My boyfriend might not approve, but you know. He's flexible. Both literally and figuratively. Right Brendan?

Wait wut?

I should've known you were being unfaithful. All of the Chipotle bags around the house. The random chest hairs laying around. The bible on the nightstand...
I straight up told you that you weren't the only man in my life. You seemed perfectly content with that but now it's all "I want commitment" and "hold my hand in public" and "why do we use condoms anyway". Whine whine whine.
Sometimes, you know, I can't believe you're this selfish. You don't even have the courtesy to do a fucking reach around, Keegan. I can't tell you how many times you've made my throat enflamed and numb but I hold back the tears just to make you smile. Fuck you.

Oh my God. This is just not my day. I never do a reach around because you're fucking flaccid 80% of the time. Reach around and do what exactly? And you said you liked it rough. Jesus. You wanna cry? Go ahead. It'll just make it better for me. Idiot.

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Happy happy Birthday Ayesha! Have fun, but be safe ;)

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Vader and C8? Not surprised, not surprised at all :lol: poor akv, I'm sure she was expecting that birthday sex and all.

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Happy birthday!

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happy birthday

prince0gotham wrote:happy birthday
prince why dont you ever come to chat anymore?

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Happy birthday! The 'h' seemed insufficient.

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Happy Birthday!!! :clap:


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Happy Birthday akv. 8-) :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :twothumbsup: :twothumbsup:

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Well, this thread became very interesting in the last two pages. :lol:

Thank you for the birthday wishes you guys!

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