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it is :angel:

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So I guess my (almost) 10 year old friendship with this person wasn’t actually all that real. And to think of it, it ended over something pretty ridiculous, although when I think about it more, I feel like we were heading towards that direction for some time.

I still feel equal parts sad, horrible and oddly enough, liberated in some way. I ended up being the “bad friend” though lol.

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That sucks. I don’t know the details of course but if you ended up being the “bad friend” then it’s better for you that it ended.

What I find interesting though is that friends who spends lots of time together, usually end up ending their friendship for good. I think one of the things that helped for our friendship to last as long as it did is distance. Even if we don’t contact each other for weeks or months, when we do and especially when we hangout it’s like no time has passed.

I must say, there were many times when I felt that our friendship has ended because of very ridiculous arguments or even lack of arguments. And at times I was also the “bad friend” - Gotta say I admit I wasn’t and I still am not that good at making and maintaining friendships. I’m an introvert who’s extremely shy with a dash of social anxiety, so contacting people constantly takes so much energy and I’m always worried about upsetting the other parting or doing or saying something completely stupid which will haunt me for days.

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So I basically got over ambitious and realized that I might have to start grad school in spring of 2021 instead of fall of 2020.

The deadlines for the 2,3, and 4th rounds of grad school apps are in January - April and I still haven't taken my GMAT yet or put a app together.

Smh why did I procrastinate this so much?

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Okay honest question and pls reply honestly: how come we don't ever permaban Allstar? He gets so many chances and every single time he fucks it up.

He also doesn't watch movies, never has anything interesting to say, and all his thoughts and "opinions" are unoriginal since he just regurgitates what he sees in reviews. And this is because he never watches movies. I don't even think he actually saw OUATIH because he kept repeating things I saw on Twitter in that thread.

Why do we let a poser (that too a hella rude poser) post amongst us?

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As a constant defender of allstar over the years, I actually agree this time.

I also think board has never been worse in terms of members relations. It's only a matter of time before all of the veterans stop posting.

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This is why I never defended Allstar. Never defend someone who shits on the second chances you give them. He hasn't bullied me for a good month but that's only because I made it known that I openly mocked him and made fun of him. But I still don't trust that bih.

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Allstar fucked up massively, and I’m not sure if there’s a coming back from this one, but it’s a huge disservice to all members to think of him as this single culprit who caused the entire forum to feel like a shithole. Because he’s not.

Because as horrible as he may have acted (speaking more so of his past “endeavors”), multiple people enabled this to go on. Most of us included. He baited people, but so did others. We are all rude to each other whenever we can. We might be very far from the most horrible places on the internet, but we are also far from welcoming.

M4’s thoughts are my mindset over the last months in a nutshell. I just do not feel any joy by coming back here. I love most people on here, and it would genuinely suck to lose that contact, and Tenet is coming, which, I guess, keeps me sort of hopeful for some legitimately funny shit happening in the future, but there’s no spark anymore.

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He's not a single culprit but he's the only one who made me feel uncomfortable when posting here. When I see in my notifications that he quoted me or he PM'd me, I get this sense of dread, like I feel "oh shit, what hurtful shit will this bitch say to me today?" I never felt that with any other members.

But I agree too, the spark isn't really here anymore.

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I'm only sticking around because of like three members. And I already follow two of them elsewhere. The day the third one leaves the forum, I'm out of here for good.

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