The Revenant (2015)

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This was the project that Hillcoat and Bale were supposed to do.
Leonardo DiCaprio, Sean Penn Wanted Men For New Regency’s ‘The Revenant’

EXCLUSIVE: Now that New Regency closed a deal to fully fund the Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu-directed The Revenant, the Biutiful helmer has set his sights on Leonardo DiCaprio and Sean Penn to play the two leads in the screen adaptation of the Michael Punke novel. I’m told they’ve met with Inarritu, but that if this cast materializes it would mean starting next fall. DiCaprio is being courted to play 1820s frontiersman Hugh Glass, who hires on to a fur trapping expedition and is so badly mauled by a bear that he’s unable to be transported back from the wilderness. He hires two men to stay behind. Expecting him to die, they rob and abandon him instead, leaving him helpless. When he recovers, he is hellbent on revenge. Inarritu wants Penn to play one of the men who left him for dead. 20th Century Fox will distribute. DiCaprio next stars in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, and Penn is shooting Gangster Squad.

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This sounds fucking epic. :clap:

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I was so excited for Hillcoat and Bale to do this. I love Leo and all, but I'm still bummed out that Hillcoat couldn't get the funding to make it happen.

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Penn & DiCaprio in REVENANT? Pfff. Don't hold your breath.

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Just realized if DiCaprio does this after Django he would be doing back to back Westerns. :thumbup: :tooexcited:

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This is a great story line and I am looking forward to read the book. I hope Leo finds the time to do this.

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Glad to see Dicaprio lining up some very interesting roles. :thumbup:

Inarritu is 4 for 4 in my book (although Biutiful is definitely not quite on par with his first three), so I'm very excited.

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Leo needs to this. Just sounds too good.

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This would be an amazing role, it sounds very interesting indeed.

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Apparently there is another really big role. Maybe they can get Bale or something?

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