Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

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For the record, the 8.5 is taking into account a direct comparison to the first movie (which I'd put at a 9), not necessarily the same as standing completely on its own.

I'd love to see a review from someone who hadn't seen the original at all, to see how that affects the perspective.

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I think it can work really well for someone who has not seen the original. Other than the
CGI Rachel
reveal which might feel awkward to someone who hasn't seen the original, this one stands on its own. Deckard is this legendary Blade Runner and basically that's all you need to know. There are some references that will enhance the film for you
most notably Edward James Olmos and the many references to Tyrell
but really, you don't have to see the first one before watching 2049. You should, but you don't have to.

I think watching the anime about the Black Out is more necessary!

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8/10 for me

i disagree on it standing alone, i think it would be very confusing

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8/10 for me. I admired the movie, just didn't quite love it.
The K and Joi subplot was the best part of the movie. I did like that the story was focused on K instead of the revolution versus Wallace at the end.

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9.5/10 for this mofo. Stunned. The opening few minutes is my favorite in recent cinema memory, alongside Dunkirk’s.

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Oh, the opening is the original opening idea for Blade Runner.

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This movie is absolutely brilliant

E: I'm actually surprised how little this has to do with the original. Not talking plot wise cause there's definitely stuff continued from the original, but just how the movie feels. It really feels completely like it's own thing and really reminds me of how I felt after watching Mad Max: Fury Road the first time. It didn't feel like I was watching a sequel.

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A fucking perfect film. It's been a while since a movie has drawn me in like that for almost 3 hours. Technical aspects are JAW DROPPING and I loved Villeneuve's direction in many scenes especially the
Vegas Club sequence


NFmeter: 10/10

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It's a really good movie.

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