Godzilla (2014)

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I've never seen Emmerich's, and the only Godzilla film I've seen is the 1954 version. Nothing can top that Theme music.

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BlairCo wrote:hahahaha

I've never seen Emmerich's, and the only Godzilla film I've seen is the 1954 version. Nothing can top that Theme music.
Avoid it like the plague.

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I couldn't get thru Emmerich's Godzilla and I'll never fully watch it.

Might check out the original, should be interesting.

As for the poster, they wouldn't want to give us the best look at Godzilla on their posters now would they. I'm still surprised by his size, he really is incredibly large. Still think it's a pity this one will be in 3D as well… I really want to see this in IMAX so that means that I have to see it in 3D.. Still no options for 2D IMAX screenings of films in my country :blank: I think the 3D makes the whole scope smaller. Ánd this was shot with the Arri… The reason that I can get into that with this is that the cinematography looks good and Edwards did quite a lot without green screen. Still would've preferred if they shot this on 35mm and IMAX but I think that's something for a sequel if this is a hit. Nothing should fit IMAX better than Godzilla :lol:

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Nomis1700 wrote:I think the 3D makes the whole scope smaller.
Nonsense. If they did the 3D right then it will serve the scope just fine. Avatar had no problems. Neither did Gravity or Man of Steel.

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If they do it right, maybe. As for the films you mention, Avatar and Gravity were pretty much made for 3D and shot in 3D. MOS and this not. I know the conversion process is a lot better now but still. Not to forget, you don't really notice that the scope is a bit smaller with Avatar and Gravity because it was so well done. MOS had other things: shot on film, heavier grain and there were handheld shots that the 3D just couldn't handle. The 2D version of the film has a lot better viewing pleasure.

On top of that, shame to put so much money in a 3D conversion that could just as well have been put in the films VFX.

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Believe it or not, I still enjoy watching Emmerich's Godzilla to this day even though I fully realize that it's objectively a terrible film.

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I adored it as a kid. Can't stomach it now, especially after Pacific Rim.

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