The Most Disappointing Movies of the Year

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Just finished reading IGN's article so why not discuss our own here?

(in no order)

The Wolfman
This was my most anticipated film going into 2010. Too bad it SUCKED.

Clash of the Titans
I can't even begin to explain...

The Crazies
Looked like a promising zombie film but what I got instead was a cluttered mess however it was still enjoyable. Just not what I was hoping for.

Alice in Wonderland
Why Tim Burton? Why? You're one of the most artistic and creative directors around and you delivered this mess.

True Grit
I was expecting a No Country For Old Men mixed with 3:10 to Yuma type of film but that's not at all what I got. While it's still a pretty good film, it didn't live up to it's expectations one bit.

Clash of the Titans
I can't even begin to explain...

Robin Hood
I had a feeling the movie would turn out how it did but I brushed it off and let my expectations rise. Bad choice.

Tron: Legacy
Visuals and nothing else but still a good film overall.

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I hated Alice in Wonderland, but I can't say I was disappointed. Looked like crap from the get go.

I was disappointed with The Wolfman though, I had high hopes for it.

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I try to go into each film terribly blank and if anything with low expectations. Sometimes I of course succumb to trailer hype in the case of things like The Wolfman, which had an awesome trailer and the film was so BLAH!

On the other hand, I went into Alice with super low expectations because I'm not a huge Tim Burton guy, and rather enjoyed it.

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Tron Legacy
Alice in Wonderland
Clash of the titans

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RomanM wrote: On the other hand, I went into Alice with super low expectations because I'm not a huge Tim Burton guy, and rather enjoyed it.

The most disappointing movie for me this year was The Last Airbender. A great premise and story in the hands of a very capable director, and an awesome looking trailer. I was very excited about seeing it. And then it was awful, but on top of being awful it had moments (though they were few) that showed how awesome it could have been which only disappointed me all the more.

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I don't consider Alice in Wonderland to be disappointing... it was just a movie for the kids...

10. The Killer Inside Me
9. Stone
8. Predators
7. Clash of the Titans
6. You Will Meet a Dark Tall Stranger
5. Machete
4. The Wolfman
3. Tron: Legacy
2. The Last Airbender
1. The Tourist

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1. The Town (A predictable cheesy hollywood melodrama without any sting or memorable scenes. One of the most overrated films I've ever seen)

2. Somewhere (or lost in translation 2 without Bill Murray. Wants to be a sexy european arthouse flick, but is completely empty at it's core and lacks the mood and heart of a great film. Its pretentiousness beyond belief again from Coppola.

3. The Kids Are All Right (completely forgotten in a year when the next The Kids Are All Right is out)

Films like Alice In Wonderland, Iron Man 2 and so forth wasn't all that disappointing because I had zero expectations.

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Machete :thumbdown:

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Black Swan by far

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I liked The Wolfman, not like 9/10 but like 7.5/10, but still good imo
Cop Out wasn't disappointing either, but could've been better
Towards Alice in Wonderland I got the same attitude as to Avatar - bored
Repo Men - this was really disappointing, all the elements of a good movie are present but execution was very dull
A Nightmare on Elm Street - just awful
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - what a waste is Mike Newell
Splice - was it just me or this movie was really stupid?
The A-Team - not even entertaining
Jonah Hex - I don't get how was it even greenlit?
Grown Ups - just awful
The Last Airbender - you know this one
Despicable Me - not for me
Predators - another wasted opportunity to make a good sequel
The Sorcerer's Apprentice - was entertaining but too cheesy
Salt - what was this? :wtf:
Dinner for Schmucks - after brilliant Date Night this was a serious let down
The Other Guys - at times ok but mostly stupid
The Expendables - no way I'm gonna see it again, really nothing special about this movie
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - i think it's because i'm not a geek
The American - pretentious
Devil - had the potential but mostly failed
The Town - I don't get it, sorry

I was excited before all these movies were premiered, not very much after... :problem:

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