HBO's Chernobyl

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This show better sweep the awards.
Dyatlov is one arrogant asshole. The montage at the end is chill inducing. The fact that no one survived from the people and children who were at the bridge is absolutely devastating.

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this is pretty amazing, and one of the best instances of sociological storytelling and the multiple levels of systemic incompetence, corruption and arrogance since The Wire.

it also doubles as a horror series as others have said


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prob my favorite show since I turned 21

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finale was pretty damn perfectly edited, shot and directed

amazing series, deserves recognition and honors

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going to watch the finale tonight, pretty hyped

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I couldn't even finish episode 4 when the puppy scene happened. It was just too much for me emotionally at that moment. I'll probably finish the show by the end of the week but man was that episode brutal.

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Just watched the first episode. I cannot believe the same guy who directed Superhero Movie is the creator of this beautifully haunting piece of art.

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Just finished it. Perfect final episode to a perfect miniseries. A true work of art.

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Very hyped and intrigued by this one !

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This is possibly one of the best things television has ever offered us.
”When the truth offends, we lie and lie until we can no longer even remember that it is still there”

Legasov’s testimony was powerful as fuck. Literally anyone with the last two working brain cells that still worships the soviet union should be hammered with this speech over and over again every day of their miserable lives
edit: remembered something and thought this detail might be of interest to some of you (if you weren’t aware of this already):
Vichnaya Pamyat - the name of the episode 5, is called “memory eternal”, a speech usually given to commemorate those who have passed. But it’s not told from the perspective of the dead, but by god, as god’s memory of the dead is thought of as definitive, like the truth, therefore, granting the dead eternal life. Like the people who brought the truth of the events to everyone’s attention and refused to let it be forgotten.
Also kind of like the audience, the living, carrying on with such knowledge of this truth, thus allowing it and the ones who are not here anymore to exist for “eternity” in memory and history. Pretty neat choice of name.

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