The Goldfinch (2019)

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Joker will be huge, so there's that + It Chapter Two doing really well as expected.

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2020 should be quite alright for WB.

Birds of Prey
Wonder Woman 1984
Scooby-Doo Reboot
Godzilla vs. Kong
The Conjuring 3

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“I think the audience wasn’t interested in seeing this literary work on-screen,” Goldstein said. “There were many things that didn’t work, but the biggest was probably the marketplace. The gap between the have and the have-nots is growing even bigger.” ... 74007/amp/

I disagree with this. This book spent like 30 something weeks on bestseller lists and it still gets talked about in literary circles years later. It also has a really interesting fandom online too. And so many of my friends have read Donna Tartt because I never shut the fuck up about her. There is interest and word of mouth works. It could have worked for this movie.

The movie wasn't good and a lot of the reviews are correct. But at the same time, I haven't seen too much marketing of this movie from WB and some comments on Reddit said the same thing as well.

I think at some point you've got to stop blaming audiences and take responsibility. Donna Tartt wanted to write the script and produce and give input (kind of like Gillian Flynn for Gone Girl) She was willing to work with the production but they didn't include her in this film. They had a chance to make a great movie but they blew it.

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You look at recent novels that have had success in transition to box office success and they are stuff like Gone Girl. Sexy mysteries that have appeal to casual moviegoers who aren't book readers. Coming of age tales like Goldfinch have a harder time reaching wider appeal beyond the book fans.

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That's a good point too. Gone Girl is a lot more of a popcorn novel compared to Goldfinch and would appeal to a wider audience.

Even if this movie was good, it wasn't going to do Gone Girl numbers. The initial tracking for this film was at $12 million. It could have had a decent run and garner awards love. But it failed really really diastorously.

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Warners knew The Goldfinch, directed by John Crowley, was in trouble at least six months ago and subsequently decided to trim back dramatically on its marketing spend. "This is the kind of story that is probably more appropriate for a series on streaming," says one studio executive. Two other sources say Warners approached Amazon Studios about a taking on a bigger role, but Amazon declined. ... on-1239816

Wondering why they didn't really care to do reshoots or even a re-edit. Spoilers for movie in the tag
the book is told in a linear way. The narrator is in a hotel room in Amsterdam and he's writing this story out. In the movie, they jump back and forth a lot between present and past and it's very very jarring and it takes you out of the film a lot. I think re-ordering the scenes so that it's linear would have helped out a lot.

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probably watching this tonight

am I in for a disaster?

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Nomis wrote:
December 1st, 2019, 9:42 am
probably watching this tonight

am I in for a disaster?
artemis supports your brave sacrifice

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so yeah

what a mess

beautifully shot tho

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