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One can't help but draw comparisons to Dunkirk, but this does looks visually exquisite.

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It is indeed odd that the marketing would ape another film of similar aesthetic and lacking core star power, especially when that other film was a massive hit.

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I never understood why that scene received so much praise, when we got pretty much the same scene done better earlier that same year:

Chef's speech is natural and emotional, whereas Birdman's comes off as rambling and pseudointellectual.

oku my post was a roundabout way of saying it's cheap and not very insightful to just label and compare things as opposed to actually assessing content [in this context, if 1917 is like dunkirk, great. what about it? how did your emotional human brain actually feel about the trailer?]

and your reaction was to literally compare it to anothing thing you thought of that's similar. i'm not sure a more ironic moment has occured on this forum

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Keith over here playing 4D chess

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we don’t like logic here.

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It's a good point, but it's like saying, "Can't we all just get along?" during a class debate or something.

It's a nice thought, but we are here on a movie forum to discuss movies.

And one of the best ways to explain how we don't like how a movie executed something is to be able to point to another movie that did it better and say, "This one did it better."

i want everyone to get along

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Good LORD Mendes has a hard on for Nolan. I mean, c’mon now....

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