Disney+'s The Mandalorian

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oh lol

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Yup, most of Europe (even the UK) has a vague first quarter 2020 "date". Netherlands getting it in November LOL (where they launched the beta too).

Really fucking dumb and frustrating. They're asking for it.

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lololol not that I have or plan on getting Disney+ but it's pretty nice they launched it here as one of the first.

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Then you have no excuse if you choose to torrent the show :lol:
Why don’t they just give it to Netflix overseas?

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lol ikr

I'll probably watch it over with some friends or family who do have Disney+ 8-)

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Fair enough. In my family I’d be the one with Disney+ lol.
I’m not that hyped about the show so I might just forget about it until it becomes available to me legally.

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Two words - 👏LUDWIG 👏 GÖRANSSON👏

Adore the stripped back elemental and ultimately badass tone of it. And quite funny watching it with Death Stranding fresh in mind...

(also VPNs work)
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This doesn't work on my TV (a Vizio P Series) OR my PS4 Pro, which has it in (highly compressed) UHD but no HDR. This rollout sucks. The Criterion Channel worked on my TV at launch.

ima be pirating it like much of the world until they fix this. i know you folks across the pond are worse off, unfortunate all around. watching tonight.


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Wasn't interested before but now that the reaction are so positive, I might give it a try.

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First episode was meh. I really wanted it to be something. Thoroughly disappointed. Let's see how it progresses.

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