Untitled Star Wars Film (TBD)

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Worst part of this news is the now absence of getting a Miguel Sapochnik Star Wars movie. Or just give him anything in this universe. One of the most talented filmmakers alive today.

What's interesting is that they easily could've cited creative differences but didn't. KK says she hopes they return in the future. They just willfully left for Netflix. This is pretty shocking.

I'm betting Rian, hot off a movie that's at 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, is going to be confirmed as the next trilogy helmer.


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MagnarTheGreat wrote:
October 29th, 2019, 12:30 am
Kevin Feige is probably the one in the driver's seat figuring out whose gonna be on the next Star Wars.

https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat- ... ey-1243481
Curiously, Feige just got promoted to oversee all of Marvel so I wonder how thin this dude is spread. I'm sure Disney's been sitting on this new for at least a month or two and waiting to announce, as per usual. Yet, this is likely correct.

Rian's been extra evasive lately over whether or not his trilogy will happen. If Feige takes the reigns of the franchise away from D&D and RJ, I'm going to be devastated.


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As much as I love what Feige has done with shaping the MCU, if Lucasfilm were to take a similar approach to Star Wars, it would be absolutely miscalculating. Once we see what The Mandalorian is like, I can see the future for Star Wars existing as Disney+ TV Shows with a movie released in cinemas every two years.

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Any chance Kathleen Kennedy persuaded them to leave? After that Austin Film Fest Q&A, they are not popular in the industry atm.

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I guess Johnson's flick will get fast tracked now?

Although, I think people can easily do more than three years without another Star Wars film coming out. Isn't, now Disney's, Avatar franchise coming back to the December slot starting in 2022?

They should give Johnson all the time he needs imo. I think he's got it in him to deliver a truly fresh Star Wars film. I can't wait to see Knives Out and its pretty nice for him that it has gotten such positive reviews.

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The studio and production side of Star Wars is clearly working very well atm. What is this, like 4th or 5th time, the filmmakers get fired after being announced. This is embarrasing.

I'm almost certain the Rian Johnson films are not going to happen either.

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I personally don’t know how much time Rian needs but deadlines produce outputs. I didn’t really care about this trilogy because I simply don’t know these guys and I haven’t watched a single episode of GoT. So I’m more excited for RJ’s trilogy and maybe some crazy SW spin-off that are literally one-offs.

In the meantime, The Mandalorian will be enough.
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I wouldn't mind if Rian gets a TV series as well.

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In addition to the trilogy or as a replacement?

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