Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

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Ivan wrote:
March 20th, 2019, 10:20 am
Pitt chanelling Lt Aldo Raine a little bit :lol:
Pitt channeling Redford IMO

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This movie will be good. And this movie will most likely flop. Mark my words. The budget is like what, over a 100 million? I think it will do poorly.

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I doubt this is gonna flop. Tarantino has shot up in success since Basterds and Django. In class today tons of people who normally don't give a crap about film were talking about it. It also helps Leonardo DiCaprio hasn't been in a movie since he won his Oscar.

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This is going to be QT’s highest grossing film.

Book it.

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No doubt.

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With a cast like that? This movie will be do extremely well, it’s a no brainer. In what universe could this flop??

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Cast like that means budget.

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If The Revenant can gross over $500 million based solely on Leo's star power, imagine what this could do with an ensemble this huge.

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Tarantino is one of about five directors working in Hollywood who still guarantees box office power. Adding Leo into the mix as well as Brad Pitt and Margot and you've got a done deal, provided the movie is good.

Movie looks like a barrel of fun. I was sold just by this shot alone:


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It would be the most major fuck up in film history if this does poor box office.

Good thing it won't. It's going to make oodles of money. Tarantino could buy 69 lifetimes subscriptions to every foot fetish site on the internet with the amount of money this film will make.

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