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Now, before we dive into this little update from Quentin Tarantino on what he might direct next, let's just remember that over the course of the press tour for "Django Unchained," he's had a lot of ideas. He's already teased that 'Django' and "Inglorious Basterds" could be part of a loose trilogy, he's talked about a possible 'Basterds' spinoff entitled "Killer Crow," a desire to shoot a movie in Australia, or maybe make another slavery/western film or gangster picture. You get the idea. But continuing to promote "Django Unchained" as it opens overseas, Tarantino has added a new possible next movie to his list, and one that could find him drawing things down a bit.

Chatting with French publication Les InRocks, Tarantino was asked if he knows what he'll do next. " a vague idea," he said. "A 'smaller' film than 'Django Unchained,' in the vein of 'Jackie Brown.' "

Now it should noted that "smaller" being in quotes may indicate the size of the production is probably relative to what he's been doing over the past few years, but perhaps Tarantino wants to knock one out fast. Production on "Django Unchained" wasn't exactly smooth, with a bakers dozen of actors coming and going as the schedule shifted and changed, and Tarantino rewriting on the fly (Anthony LaPaglia, who left the movie, called it "out of control") and working on a tight deadline to get it finished in time. So maybe he's just looking for something a bit more manageable in size and scope; a movie lighter on its feet and easier to maneuver from a production standpoint.

We'll leave the speculation to you as to which of the many, many projects Tarantino has mentioned over the years this could be. Maybe he resurrected something we thought had been left for dead. Or maybe it's a movie he's already mentioned on the press circuit so far. Essentially, who knows? "Django Unchained" basically took everyone by surprise when it was announced, so we'll just have to wait and see, and we'd wager Tarantino likely still has to write a script first. But considering 'Django' is his biggest box office hit at home in his career, Tarantino can probably pretty much do whatever he wants at this point, so it's a bit interesting that his next may be something smaller.

So until we know more, let's revisit "Django Unchained" for a moment. As diehard Tarantino fans know, the director has a universe of characters (not quite Marvel sized) that have been referenced directly or not throughout his pictures. For example: Remember Lee Donowitz (Saul Rubinek) in "True Romance"? Well, Eli Roth's Donny Donowitz from 'Basterds' is his father. And eagle eyed viewers of "Django Unchained" have spotted a connection to "Pulp Fiction" which is admittedly minor, but still pretty interesting. It turns out that Captain Koons (Christopher Walken) from "Pulp Fiction" is a descendant of Crazy Craig Koons, of the Smitty Bacall Gang in "Django Unchained." See the image below.

:clap: I sincerely hope he does this - JB is one of his best works imo and it'd be great to see another mature crime drama from him.

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so killer crow is dead for now ?

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It would be nice to see him do something a little smaller, perhaps something that focuses more on drama and character development.

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chinn70 wrote:Image
so killer crow is dead for now ?
It may never have been alive. Tarantino talks a lot of shit about stuff he may or may not do.

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Cilogy wrote:It would be nice to see him do something a little smaller, perhaps something that focuses more on drama and character development.
Same goes for Nolan.

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I would also be interested in him doing something smaller. Django Unchained was (in my humble opinion) fantastic but anthoer 'epic' could easily fall down.
Allstar wrote:
Cilogy wrote:It would be nice to see him do something a little smaller, perhaps something that focuses more on drama and character development.
Same goes for Nolan.
That's what I call a sucker punch.

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DoubleD wrote:Image
You'd think with all the money he has he'd hire a personal trainer and work out a bit....

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Yes please. A non-QT-style film from him would be good. He's surely got enough latitude again to do it.

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Roth, while speaking to Getty Images Entertainment (via HeyUGuys), said he and Tarantino are “gonna meet for a beer,” the wish-I-was-there process of which will allow them to ” have a serious talk about [his next film].” It’s a drop of information that’s at once minor and great, making it all the more unfortunate that an identity of said next film is, almost always, relatively unknown when talking about this director; after Django Unchained, it could easily be a closer to his (sort of) unofficial revenge trilogy, a gangster movie, something in the vein of Jackie Brown, or none of the above.
http://thefilmstage.com/news/tim-roth-s ... e-reunion/

Yes please. This is actually really good news, QT might already have a script almost done for his next film.

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